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Kits Elite Driving School Ltd. 

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Vancouver (Point Grey)

North Vancouver





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Reputable Driving School

Level up your driving skills by learning the most advanced techniques for driving safely. If you are searching for reliable driving instructors for teens and adults in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, look no further. Welcome to Kits Elite Driving School Ltd.!

Thank you for your interest in our driving school. We promise to give you an opportunity to experience driving with professional instructors at reasonable prices. For more details about our company, continue browsing our website.

About Our Company

Kits Elite Driving School Ltd. brings a driving instructor's expertise to provide in-car driving lessons to learners, novice, immigrants, foreigners, and class 5 drivers. As driving is based on "Observation, Decision, and Act," we teach how to build and maintain superior driving habits through patience, caution, and proper practice. All lessons are conducted in our fully equipped vehicles with full dual controls.

Our Mission

Driving is enjoyable and life is beautiful; we want to keep both safe and enjoyable. Our goal is to reduce collisions in beautiful British Columbia and make it safe for driving, and explore how beautiful the province is by improving the knowledge, skills, and quality of driving of its citizens.

Featured as a Vancouver Top Rated Driving School 

About Our Owner

Our founder and president, Sheldon, became a driving instructor in 2015. He has trained hundreds of drivers in Great Vancouver to a standard of quality and safety above what’s required to merely pass a government road test.

Company Policy

Length of Session

  • Each driving lesson/session is 90min, with 10 to 15 minutes of discussion and review of progress and 75 to 80 minutes of driving practice.

Road Test Day Duration

  • Each road test session is 90 minutes long, including a 30 minute warm-up and practice, 15-minute check-in ahead, and a 30- to 45-minute road test.
  • The road test fee has to be paid 48 hours before the road test day. THERE IS NO REFUND IF THE STUDENT DOES NOT SHOW UP FOR THE ROAD TEST.

Cancelations Policy

  • If you wish to cancel a driving lesson, please contact us by phone call, text / voice message, at least 24 hours prior to your lesson. If you fail to do so in the allotted time, 50% will be charged; and you wish to cancel less than 4 hour before lesson / session, the full amount will be charged.
  • Please note there is always confirm notification will be send 24 hours prior each appointment and reply to confirm the appointment is mandatory if not the appointment would get cancel automatically with no refund on that appointment.

Payment Policy

  • Payment is required for all appointments please note payment of each appointment should be send  within 12 hours prior appointment; at least should be no later than the appointment day of each lesson. (NO EXCEPTION)
  • There will be NONE-REFUNDABLE for individual driving lessons, any packages and road test package; have been already taken place.
  • If a student has pre-paid for driving lessons or a road test session, there will be NO REFUND given in cases of insufficient notice of cancellation. 
  • Each package has expiration of full ONE YEAR only. 

General Policy 

  • Students must provide a valid British Columbia Learner’s Licence or Driver’s Licence before the first session. Students must carry their licence at all times during training.
  • We only offer individual, one-on-one training in the vehicle during the Student Lesson Time and packages for only one student at the time. (No Exceptions).
  • Booking a road test appointment should be done by the student, but if you wish for the driving school to do it for you, there is a Non Refundable $30 fee for each booking test or change.